# Template Tags

# Cart Snippet

{# include Snipcart JS #}
{{ craft.snipcart.cartSnippet }}

There are three optional arguments:

  • includejQuery is true by default and will also render a <script> tag for loading jQuery. Disable to include it yourself, just be sure it’s compatible with Snipcart (opens new window).
  • onload can be a value to set for the Snipcart tag’s onload property.
  • includeStyles is true by default, and if false will not render the <link> tag that loads Snipcart’s base stylesheet.
{# include Snipcart JS + optional arguments #}
{{ craft.snipcart.cartSnippet(true, '', true) }}

# Cart Button

{# View Cart #}
{{ craft.snipcart.cartLink }}

There are two optional arguments:

  • text can be used to change the button's inner text, which defaults to “Shopping Cart”.
  • showCount is true by default and includes a <span> element classed with snipcart-total-items which Snipcart will populate with the number of items in the shopping cart.
{# View Cart + optional arguments #}
{{ craft.snipcart.cartLink('Shopping Cart', true) }}