# Install & Configure the Plugin

This guide assumes you've established a Craft site and you're setting up a new store for the first time.

# Create a Snipcart Account

Create an account (opens new window):

Sign up!

Grab your API keys from AccountAPI Keys to the right of the admin interface:

Public and Private API Keys

# Install the Plugin

From the plugin store, find Snipcart and choose Install. Done.

From your local project, add with:

composer require workingconcept/craft-snipcart

You can then install from the Craft CMS control panel: SettingsPlugins, choose the gear dropdown to the right of Snipcart, and select Install.

Or install from the command line:

./craft install/plugin snipcart

# Configure the Plugin

Visit the plugin's Settings page and provide at least your public+secret API keys. If you're just getting started, you'll probably want to configure your products, orders, and webhooks.

# Snipcart Account

At minimum, you'll need to add the Snipcart Public API Key and Snipcart Secret API Key.

Snipcart Account


These fields support environment variables so you can keep your secrets secret!

# Orders

Everything here is off by default, but you can configure a number of options that don't require any extra code unless you'd prefer your own markup, field types, and integrations.

Order Comments and gift notes are explained more in their own section, and while email notifications are ready to go you can learn more about using your own templates for them in Custom Email Notifications.


# Webhooks


There's nothing to set here, but this part is important: use this URL to link Snipcart and Craft with webhooks!

# Logging

Caching is enabled and somewhat conservative to balance timeliness and speed, but here you can adjust that and optionally turn on webhook logging that could help with troubleshooting.

Logging and Caching

# Shipping

If you've set up a ShipStation account and want the Snipcart plugin to get live rates or forward orders, this is where you'll need to add your credentials along with a Ship From address.


The API Key and API Secret fields support environment variables as well.


See the Shipments page for more about how ShipStation integration works.